Chef Patricia McCausland-Gallo, CCP

Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and food writer born in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla, Colombia. She has a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University, attended a School for Retort Operations, and completed courses of instruction prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration. She has attended the American Institute of Baking in Kansas as well as the École Lenôtre in Paris.

Pachi´s work since 2013 to date is working with Dr. Clyde Wilson in creating an invaluable nutrition resource for Americans to raise their metabolic rate and loose weight for life. Pachi, as she is called, has been a food writer for local and national newspapers in Colombia and Panama City where she lives now. She has published six cookbooks around the world: Secrets of Colombian Cooking (Hippocrene Books, 2004), Second Edition May 2012. Pasión por el Café (Editorial Norma 2006, FRP 2008, Circulo de Leitores 2009; IPPY Silver Award 2008 and Gourmand Best Single Subject Food Book in Latin America, 2006. (sold over 65,000 books worldwide). Juangui Goes to College, 2007. Coauthored Williams Sonoma’s Essentials of Latin Cooking 2009,  The Foods of Colombia and Venezuela, 2010, Anness Publishing UK. metelo Flaca, 2011, self published, Panama. She has been an executive pastry chef, a manager, and an owner of bakeries in Barranquilla and Cali. She also develops recipes and taught cooking for parents, teens and special needs children as well as healthy cooking to all the later. Pachi was invited to be part of Michelle Obama´s Chef´s Move! To Schools. Has been a speaker in several cities in the United States and Colombia. She has been interviewed in CNN en Español, ABC y NBC.

Socially Pachi´s work is geared in two ways. The first through lectures on Nutrition as well as cooking the second through the sales of books she donates to be sold by the institutions. Pachi has spoken in schools and social institutions to help educate parents of healthy, recovering and cancer patients. She has taught cooking classes for children of Special Olympics. Mainly the monetary help books have produced over $200,000 for malnourished and unreachable children and adults. Pachi is a founding member of Nutrir Barranquilla-2006, now NU·3, which currently feeds more than 13,000 children each day in Colombia. She has donated time and books to Casita de Mausi and Fanlyc in Panamá, as well as Conexión Colombia in Colombia to provide schools in El-Charco-Nariño, in Colombia and in Panamás Darien. Another project was the creation of one mini maree now self sustainables, that feeds 90-children in Cabo Verde, Panama and is run by Fundación Comedores Infantiles de Panamá. The land of a second dining space is now being bought around the slums where garbage collectors live.

Some of her latest lectures attended and presentation conferences include

Stanford University, March 3, 2016
Stanford University, Dic 1, 2015
Starbucks Headquarters, Seattle, USA 2014
FANLYC, 2014, Panama
IACP, Chicago, 2014 USA
MENUS OF CHANGE 2014 Summit, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass, 2014
PERALTA Ecology Festival, Oakland, Ca. 2014
Stanford FOOD 4 Summit, 2013
Book and Bloggers Fair, Chicago 2013, USA
Stanford Bw Well program, with Dr. Clyde Wilson, 2013-14
MENUS OF CHANGE 2013 Summit, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass, 2013
IACP, 2013 San Francisco
FANLYC, 2013 Panama
IACP, NYC, 2012, Conference and Speaker
Book and Bloggers Fair, NYC 2012, USA
Balboa Academy 2011, Panama
IACP, Austin, 20011
IACP, Portland, 2010
White House, Washington D.C., Michelle Obama Let´s Move, 2010
IACP, Denver 2009
Sabor Barranquilla 2009, Colombia
Sabor Barranquilla 2008, Colombia
Quindío Café y Sabor 2008, Colombia
IACP New Orleans, USA 2008, Conference and Speaker
Cocina Y Placer Fenalco Valle 2007, Colombia
IACP, Chicago, 2007
IACP, Seattle, USA 2006, Conference and Speaker
Embassy of Colombia in The United States, Speaker, 2005
IACP, Dallas, USA 2005
IACP, San Francisco, 2004
IACP, Washington D.C., 2004

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