Sanduche de Ensalada de Pollo con Chipotle

Welcome to my magic realism kitchen! As always, it’s my intention to fancy up our otherwise plain sandwiches. Today, we’re going to prepare a delicious chicken sandwich with avocados, apples, hazelnuts, chipotles, and more!

You’ll Need:

1 chicken breast, cooked and shredded

2 sliced whole grain cinnamon raisin bread

1 whole roasted chipotle, chopped

¼ avocado

2 tbsp. Yogurt dressing

1 tbsp. cilantro, minced or whole

1 cup fresh raw mustard green

2In the video above, you’ll see that I use my Italian dressing vinaigrette as a seasoning. Add a couple tablespoons of the dressing to the top part of the chicken so that you can flavor it ahead of time. I guarantee that with this seasoning, every bite on every piece of the sandwich will be flavorful.

Put the chicken breasts into the pot of the pressure cooker. If you’re keeping shredded chicken frozen for a month inside your fridge, you can make a whole pot of this. It is so simple to make and you can use it for many recipes!

All you have to do is cover the pot now and cook the chicken for 10 minutes in low. After 10 minutes, you’ll have a juicy and delicious chicken breasts that come apart as you pick them up. You’ll see in the video that as I touch them, they come apart, making it really easy to be prepared as a sandwich’s main ingredient.

While you have the chicken cooking, you can prepare the other ingredients you’re going to use for the sandwich. Once the chicken’s cooked, you’ll see enough chicken stock in the bottom of the pot which is ideal to use for any other chicken recipe you want to try.

For the bread, it’s nice to have it toasted so that you get a crunch. Add a little bit of the Italian dressing on just one side of the bread, and then add the chipotle peppers to the other side. It’s going to be amazing! As a substitute, you can use red peppers or pimientos. It won’t matter as they’ll all taste fantastic.

And then of course the avocado… just peel the avocado, take the stone out, trim the ends, and use the dressing that is made with cilantro. Put also the mustard greens in there. With all these specific ingredients, you’ll be sure to experience an amazing flavor for every bite!

Now add the perfectly seasoned chicken. You can also use one that’s just cooked in a pan or one that you keep frozen in your fridge and then defrosted. When storing chicken, remember to always keep it in a bag that’s not very thick so that you can defrost it underwater in just about five minutes!

3Now the chicken sandwich is ready! It’s got the chipotles, the avocado, the chicken, the mustard greens, delicious cilantro dressing… and you might want to cut it in half so you can serve it really beautifully – with all those visually appealing colors.

This is one of our quick great chicken salad sandwich recipes that are perfect for a picnic day or for a group of people for a night at home enjoying a very light meal over conversations. Simple and fresh, with an interesting mix of flavors!


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