How to make Arepas Yellow Pop Corn Cashew & Chile Arepas

Hi! This is Pachi the Colombian cook and today I’m going to show you how to make Brown Rice Arepas with Flax and Pistachios

What You’ll Need:

Grinder or Food Processor

1lb cooked organic yellow popping corn in 6 cup water

1 cup salted cashew

The first step that we are going to do is make a masa from yellow corn.

*cook yellow corn in a pressure cooker for 1 hr until tender*

With your yellow corn cooked and ready, add in the cup of salted cashew

After mixing, it’s now time to put all of them into the grinder. This can also be done in a food processor. Add in a little bit of water to the mix so that it won’t get stuck.

Now you have your masa!

Take a piece from that masa, and turn it into a ball. If your hands get a little sticky, just add some water to the ball that you’re forming but not to much.

Next step is we are going to make the ball flat.

To do this, place the ball on a flat surface but before doing that, prepare a plastic bag or wrap and lay it on the surface, and then put the masa on top of it. You’ll also need to place a plastic bag or wrap on top of the masa ball.

Grab a pan and then, squish the masa hard.

and, we are going to place it on the plastic wrap at either plastic bag or plastic wrap on top… we’re gonna add plastic bag and then, squish it with a really strong with a heavy pan or a heavy cup.

Once you have your masa squished, on thin-ness you like, then you can cut it with a circle cutter and remove excess dough or massa to make an arepa.

Now it’s ready for the oven!

Grab a pan and a spray a little bit olive oil in it and bake for a couple of minutes!

Another tip, I like to serve my Arepas with a slice of farmer’s cheese on top. You’ll notice that we did not use any salt for this recipe. This is because the cheese and the cashew is already seasoned with salt.

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