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Today I’d like to teach you how to make pulled pork. It’s something very easy to do that people often don’t even actually ‘make time’ to make it super, to up it up a little bit and let transport you to a different world. That’s what I plan to do today in my magical realism kitchen.

What You’ll Need:


6 garlic cloves

thyme sprigs

2 bayleaves

2 tbsp. raisins

1 tsp. salt


pork butt


tomato paste

artisanal beer

2First thing we’re going to do is to place the onion in the bottom of the pan. You want to open them up a little bit so that they serve as the bedding to all the amazing ingredients that are soon to follow.

Add six cloves of garlic, some thyme sprigs, and a couple of bay leaves. As a substitute for brown sugar, you can use raisins. Put 2 tablespoons of the raisins into the pot. Add two teaspoons of salt and home-dried peppercorns.

Now place the meat inside the pot. Cover it with chipotles that you can buy canned. By now they’d smell AMAZING. Almost like THE magical ingredient. Add the tomato paste. This is going to make sort of like an automatic barbecue sauce once it comes out and it’s going to be perfectly delicious!

The rest of the seasoning sauce will be some artisanal beer made by my daughter and son-in-law in Chicago. You want to add half of this bottle because that’s the equivalent of a can of beer.

3Put in a pressure cooker and cook like at medium temperature for an hour. You could dice the meat if you want to, but I prefer to have a whole meat because it’s easier to shred.

Once it’s done, blend the sauce and use it as your barbecue sauce for your pulled pork.

For storing, you can freeze the pulled pork after it’s cooled. If you prefer a much sweeter sauce, you can add more raisins or a couple of carrots. Pour the chipotle sauce over the pulled pork and you have a delicious meal with all-natural ingredients right on your plate!


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