How to Make Salad – Salad 101

America is desperately struggling to lose weight and keep it off. Pachi the Colombian cook brings you the single best food and nutrition resource ever. Train your brain to see what you need and you want. You will learn how to easily choose and cook perfectly balanced and delicious meals. The goal for continuous weight loss and memory gate.

I’m gonna show you how to prepare instant healthy salads. It’s like salads 101.

Here is a guide to all the ingredients that a salad needs. Never ever again have to think of your daily vegetable intake. Today you’re gonna learn how to do it.

People are desperate to learn how to lose weight and these cannot be done unless you understand what your food is made up of.

Let’s begin with the basics the salads.

Salad are made up of leafy greens and there are two types of this. These are what we use in the base on the plate. so we have cruciferous leafy greens.

You should eat a salad with these if you’re planning to eat something with a high carb meal afterwards and the rest of the leafy greens.

After we have the leafy greens, we have to add half a cup or more of fruit which will be our energizer

Let me give you a sample recipe:

  • 1 tablespoon almonds
  • Dried Apples
  • Brigs of Carrot
  • 3-6 pieces of Olives
  • Cruciferous vegetable of your choice
  • Leafy Green vegetable of your choice
  • Olive oil and vinegar for dressing

The almonds will acts as an antioxidants. Apple that’s been dried. The carrots will be a good energy source which will also add color and contains phytonutrients. The olives will have a lot of calories and you want to have the best of them but not too much. You can also add beans, conrs, futons and other starches if you wish.

For the dressing, a good quality olive oil and vinegar is all you need and that’s it!

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