Who is Chef Pachi?

Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and food writer born in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla, Colombia. She has a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University, attended a School for Retort Operations, and completed courses of instruction prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration. She has attended the American Institute of Baking in Kansas as well as the École Lenôtre in Paris.


Chef Pachi – Patricia McCausland-Gallo Bio


Patricia McCausland-Gallo, known to many as Chef Pachi, has been a prominent figure in the culinary world since 1982. With a passion for nutrition and a commitment to helping Americans boost their metabolic rates and achieve sustainable weight loss, Chef Pachi has collaborated closely with Dr. Clyde Wilson, creating an invaluable nutrition resource.


As an esteemed Guest Speaker at the Stanford School of Continuing Studies for an impressive ten years, Chef Pachi has shared her expertise and insights with eager learners. Her journey as a culinary expert and author has been remarkable.


Chef Pachi’s culinary journey led her to write “The Official Disney Cookbook” for the beloved movie Encanto, marking her eighth cookbook. This project, close to her heart as a proud Colombian grandmother, represents the culmination of her culinary creativity and expertise.


Chef Pachi boasts a diverse skill set as a nutritionist, pastry chef, teacher, and food writer. Born in the vibrant Caribbean town of Barranquilla, Colombia, she holds a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University. She has honed her craft through specialized training, including courses prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration, attending the American Institute of Baking in Kansas, and studying at the École Lenôtre in Paris.


Pachi once operated a Cooking Wellness Center, nestled amidst greenery in the heart of Panama City. Her commitment to educating others extends beyond the kitchen, encompassing group coaching, food buying, kitchen organization, and kitchen construction and arrangement, often working alongside a Development Company in Panama.


Her passion for food and culinary wisdom has also found expression in the written word. Chef Pachi has served as a food writer for local and national newspapers in Colombia and Panama City. She is the author of six cookbooks that have captured the essence of Colombian cuisine and coffee culture, garnering recognition and awards globally.


Beyond her culinary pursuits, Chef Pachi has been a force for good in the community. Her involvement in initiatives like Michelle Obama’s Chef’s Move! To Schools, lectures on nutrition, and donations of her books to institutions demonstrate her dedication to promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting those in need.


Pachi’s charitable efforts extend internationally, supporting organizations that feed malnourished children and adults. She is a founding member of Nutrir Barranquilla-2006, now NU·3, which feeds over 18,000 children daily in Colombia. She is actively involved in Panama with Casita de Mausi and Fanlyc, two Cancer Patient Housing foundations. Her books have also contributed to educational initiatives in Colombia and Panama, enriching students’ lives.


In 2013, Chef Pachi’s humanitarian efforts led to creating a mini market sustaining a lunch program for 90 children in Cabo Verde, Panama, run by Fundación Comedores Infantiles de Panamá.


Chef Pachi – Patricia McCausland-Gallo’s life and work exemplify her unwavering commitment to culinary excellence, nutrition education, and making a positive impact in the world.

  • ENCANTO: The Official Cookbook for the Disney Movie

    Cookbook Author, 2024  for ENCANTO; the Disney Movie.

  • Guest Speaker - 10 years - @ STANFORD UNIVERSITY

    December 2023 – December 1, 2014

    SCI 45: SC! 12; SCI 46; SCI 38 Cooking for: Nutrition; Metabolism; Weight loss; Sports Nutrition.

  • First Edition of Cook & Lose Weight

    2019, (SP)

  • Second APP Pachi FIT

    2018, The Salad Maker App: an application to teach about food categories, calories in salads and more.

  • Cómetelo Flaca

    2017, (SP) Updated Second edition

  • First APP created Metabolize:

    2016, a source of +8000 foods graphed sources from USDA nutrient Database

  • Secrets of Colombian Cooking

    (ed. Hippocrene Books, 2004), Second Edition May 2012.

  • Pasión por el Cafe -Passion for Coffee – Paixão Pelo Café

    (Ed. Norma 2006, 2008, Circulo de Leitores RH – 2009)
    (sold over 65,000 books worldwide).

  • Gourmand

    Best Single Subject Food Book in Latin America, 2006 Award

  • Juangui Goes to College

    2007. (SP)

  • IPPY Silver Award 2008

  • Essentials of Latin Cooking

    for Williams Sonoma in 2009

  • The Food & Cooking of Colombia and Venezuela

    in 2010 for Anness Publishing UK.

  • Cómetelo Flaca

    2011, (SP)