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I am Patricia McCausland with new episode on how to get rid of the persistent guilt on food and diet from our daily lives.

There has been a steady weight gain in the population that feels like the never ending wheel. A cloud of guilt and doubt goes with us everywhere from the time we wake up to nightfall.

My one on one chats, aim to reach that deep desire to eat with the need to feel ‘healthy’. Especially among younger people, for whom the gym, the diets, the eating patterns have become a mental issue on wellness and high achivement dependence on a ‘diet conundrum’.

Don’t DIET, Just Cook, takes us up and close to food ingredients, the source of it all.

Some food we will adjust, other we’ll learn how to cook, whilst all desired foods can be part of that unreachable healthy lifestyle. Let’s debunk the word DIET and all its superstition and fad, with FACTS.

THE FACT; food you cook has a greater impact on permanent sustainable weight loss success, than any diet you go on to, to lose weight.


Today we will chat with  ANDREA RENAUD

And try to solve one favorite topic: Those DANGEROUS foods that keep us from feeling successful. TODAY PIZZA ! How to make pizza healthy so you can enjoy it and more.